Open Recruitment Benara Nurseries Indonesia

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BENARA NURSERIES INDONESIA, was established in the year 1995, as the leading wholesale plant nursery in Indonesia. We pride ourselves in supplying high quality general plants both for the domestic and international markets. Our company maintains a nursery of 28 hectares, with over 500 varieties of plants to fulfill the needs of our customers.

We also have a staff dedicated to insure that our plants are always maintained to a international standards. We also offer services such as deliveries, air freight shipment and contract growing to ensure that our plants will arrive safely to our customers.

Spesification :

Landscape Architect

1. Bachelor of lanscape architect (min)

2.skill in software 2D & 3D

3. could make and understand tachitect drawing 

4. experiene as landscape archite min 1 year


1. Man

2. Has a private transportasion

3. Interest experience in sales & marketing

4. Minimum  experience 1 years


1. Bachelor of TI (min)

2. Experience in TI min 3 years


1. Bacherlor of Psychology & law (min)

2. Min 2 years experience 

3. Could hire and maintenance staff recruitement


1. Bachelor of accounting (min)

2. Experince in tax & accounting min 2 years


1.  Bachelor of Low (min)

2. Experience in law 2 years